Isn’t It Ironic?

Last night I dreamed I was working and managing a National Sales Meeting. The meeting wasn’t one I had actually done in the past but there were some people at the meeting I had worked with in two different companies. Things were going well in my dream and it didn’t seem as long ago as it really has been since I last was on-site at a meeting I was responsible for.

I woke up remembering this dream and thinking, once again, that it’s a new week and a new chance for something to happen that would get me back to work. I just finished the job search and there are no new leads.

I am going to hold on to this dream as a sign. I’m so desperate to believe this is all going to work out in the end that I am looking for anything to grab onto at any turn. Today I am sad and worried about my future, but trying to keep it at bay and stay positive. Like searching for a new job, trying to stay positive is also a full time job.

I am unemployed, yet never have I been so busy.

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