It Could Always Be Worse

As I do every day, I went to the same drive-thru this morning to get my large cup of blood (aka coffee) and was greeted by the first voice I hear everyday (House Rule #23 – Do Not Talk To Me In The Morning) asking “Would you like to try a Shamrock shake?”. I replied, “No thank you, just a large cup of coffee please” only to hear the words that, if it were a Monday, would have returned me to my home and bed: “I’m sorry, we are out of large cups”.

I could have ranted, I could have raved. I could have gotten two smalls. What did I do? I drove to the next nearest Golden Arches. Whether it’s a job or your morning cup of joe, sometimes you can’t get what you want in the usual places, you’ve got to go someplace you wouldn’t normally go.

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