It’s Called LUG-gage For A Reason

Today I was working on some finance reports at work and going through a large spreadsheet showing all our charges on our shared corporate credit card for our biggest client. It’s a mixture of every type of expense you can think of – ground transportation, airfare, meals. There are quite a few postings under the heading of “Excess Baggage” at charges of $25 and $30. Which got me thinking:

What is the total price of all the Excess Baggage we all carry around?

The definition of Excess Baggage is: “luggage that is heavier than the amount a passenger is allowed to take on a flight without an extra charge”.

I’m not sure I could even begin to add mine all up. My childhood, friends who have done me wrong, friends who I have done wrong, old boyfriends, work issues, my marriage. It’s way more than one bag let me tell you that! Just like decluttering my house, I have tried to let that Excess Baggage go over the years when I have outgrown it or found other Excess Baggage to replace it.

But no matter how much Excess Baggage you get rid of, we all have that corner in a spare bedroom or closet or attic where we keep the things we simply cannot let go of. Even if we move to a new house these things come with us.

I guess I’d have to say that the amount of Excess Baggage I have is considerably less than what the airline called Life can handle. I like to travel light, with only my friends, my family, our health and my funny bone in tow. And all that fits in a carry-on.

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