It’s My Latte And I’ll Gulp It If I Want To

As I’ve shared with you many times, my husband and I are opposites in how we look at things, think about and approach them. One of the lighter differences is the way we drink our coffee. I like mine extra hot, as soon as it turns warm, it’s too cold for me. My mister of over 25 years nurses his morning joe all day.

On a recent road trip we stopped at Starbucks and my espousso kept teasing me, asking if I had finished my beverage every few minutes. I was indeed done in short order, while he took a venti long time to drink all of his.

Like the coffee beans of our other favorite coffeehouse, we have organically learned to compromise, even if that means agreeing to disagree. There are lots of ways to take your coffee and many options to make a relationship work. But in all designs, it begins and ends with the heart.

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