Loss And Wisdom Found

A person very close to me lost her husband, suddenly, last fall. She is keeping busy, but the loss is immeasurable.

She always decorated her home; all holidays were serious business. She mentioned to me that she wasn’t going to get out her Halloween and fall knickknacks. I suggested that she should because that decorating has always been a part of who she is. I went on to say that I know things are so very different, but she can’t lose who she is.

The words and the sentiment came out of me organically, but since this was a text conversation, I had the opportunity to revisit it. Upon review, I thought it was great advice, if I said so myself, land based on the way it just popped out of me, I knew it was ingrained. I don’t know how or where it came from, but it now lived in me.

I next had to ask myself, do I follow this credo myself? Looking at my life since the loss of my vision, it appears that I do. I still need to figure out some things, but I have worked very hard to do the things I love, no matter how difficult or how different for me now.

Still challenging, still learning, sometimes still struggling, still me.

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