Monday Musings

A great friend of mine is leaving today for vacation. She texted me last night, before bed, and she said, “I am very unprepared for tomorrow.”

I replied, “Are we ever prepared for tomorrow?”.

Obviously she was referring to packing, but it struck a more philosophical chord. After the passing of my mom, I felt as though life couldn’t throw me anything more devastating. I deigned myself ready, willing and able; ‘bring it on’ my unconscious mantra.

It didn’t take ‘tomorrow‘ long to get the last laugh. Five months after Mom’s passing, I woke up suddenly blind. No warning.

Of course, ‘tomorrow’ brings happy things too. Those things we don’t need to be prepared for. No battening down the hatches required for the good stuff.

If there is one thing you can do to prepare for tomorrow, it’s to surround yourself with people who you love and who love you back and will support you no matter what tomorrow brings. For they, more than anything else, will get you through the hard stuff. As for the joyous things tomorrow brings, make sure those people are there for those things too.

Wherever you are reading this, tomorrow’s coming. Pack lightly; bring a friend. 

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