Mrs. DoubtRain

I have come to realize that when we doubt ourselves we are also doubting those in our lives who believe in us. People lift us up, everyday, even when we don’t need it. The energy from our biggest supporters travels any physical distance between us and lifts us up. I discovered this when talking to my friend about a project I was second-guessing, wondering aloud to her, “What am I even doing?”  

My friends and I laugh a lot. Thank goodness or we would be mere shells of the strong survivors we are (if I do say so myself). So when my girl said, in a completely serious voice, “Don’t give up”, it immediately plucked not only my heartstrings but also slapped me right back to my dogged, stubborn self. I replied, “I won’t. I can’t.”

My faith in myself was instantly restored by her faith in me. Three little words, conveying all that she wants for me and believes I can accomplish. And because we are so connected, in those seconds it took for her to say them, me to hear and process, the connection to myself was recovered and refueled.

Am I going to pursue the project, despite imminent hurdles, like the bulldog I am? No doubt.


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