No Horses Or Ponies Were Harmed In The Writing Of This Blog

They say when you fall off a horse you should get right back up on it. I haven’t fallen off any horses, but I have fallen off the blog writing pony. I have no excuse other than a crazy travel schedule for my job. Ironic that this blog started out to write about my job search and now my actual job prevents me from blogging.

Much has happened since I last wrote. I have achieved Silver Preferred status on US Air, meaning my bags now fly free, an iPad has joined our family, my summer and winter clothes have finally been switched out and a long time suitcase has seen its last airport (debris of the one wheel is still scattered all over California).

I hope you haven’t stopped visiting since I haven’t been writing. I’m gonna find me a step stool (I’m only 5’ 2”) and climb on back up in the ole keyboard saddle. Hope you’ll ride along pardner!

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