Not Left To My Old Devices

For as long as there’s been daily life technology, computers and other devices, every software update can make you feel like you’re learning a new language when only hours before you were fluent. And getting a new cell phone or tablet, the transfer of power, and let’s make no mistake about where the power lies, can be terrifying. Did my photos come over? Are my apps in the same order as they were on my old device? Have my settings all returned to factory default? Upgrading is a necessary evil that can turn us all into procrastinators. Especially those of us with little sight.

As I have shared with you in previous posts, my iPad Pro is my lifeline to the world. Using a laptop or desktop computer is difficult for me, the font needing to be so large on the screen it is, for now, more trouble than it’s worth. With a tablet, I can bring it close to my face which helps me to see things, easily pinch to enlarge and zoom. So when my beloved iPad began showing signs of end of life, I figured out ways to work around the issues, a proverbial roll of duct tape at the ready for each new symptom. Finally, my husband wore me down and I admitted to him and myself that it was time for a new tablet.

Fortunately, these days, if you have everything backed up on the cloud, all your bits and pieces should transfer seamlessly to your new device and in my case, that was the case. When they handed me the new iPad at the Verizon store, there was Pioer as my wallpaper, just as he appeared on my previous tablet. I let out my held breath and like my husband and the blind date where we met, we’ve been together ever since.

I now realize the time and effort I was exerting working with the problems of an aging iPad, but I stand by my conviction that I didn’t really mind. That tablet was my first after my vision loss and it brought me back to my technology-loving, Internet-junkie, writer-self. Just like the apps on my new device, I was right there, where I belong.


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