It’s Not The Sweating It’s The Swearing

The humidity here in Southeastern Pennsylvania has been brutal this summer. We live in a perpetual state suffocation when we step outside as the thickness surrounds us and makes it hard to breathe. We take showers only to start sweating again from the minor exertion of drying off. Doing our hair and putting on makeup are futile exercises and speaking of which, working out, let’s just say I am already sweating from putting my hair in a ponytail before I even get on the bike and start pedaling.

This morning in a good morning text to a friend, I told her I had begun today’s sweating during breakfast. Auto-correct, in its infinite wisdom, changed “sweating” to “swearing”.

A lot of the time the error-fixing feature gets it wrong, but this time it got it oh so right. You can quite me on that.


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