October 3, 1992

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Today is our 19th wedding anniversary. We have a portrait in our dining room of us in a nearby park taken right after we were married. I was looking at that picture this morning wondering who in the world those two people are? I don’t even remember that girl and the boy looks only vaguely familiar.

Oprah always used to ask guests if they could go back in time, what would they tell their younger selves? I think I would tell that girl in the white dress with the big hair (it was the early 90s after all) and big smile that it’s not easy. The marriage, the career, the relationships, the money issues, the illnesses. “In sickness and in health, for richer for poorer” makes sense all these years later.

I am so grateful for my life and all the good in it. I am annoyed with myself that I am still struggling to settle into a new job in a new company; one that’s the right fit. I’m annoyed that my job situation has pretty much overtaken the last 4 years of my life and still is.

The gift for the 19th wedding anniversary is bronze. Bronze is believed to possess healing powers. I’m hoping my husband comes home with a gift of a bronze chisel, so that I can create, by hand, bronze resumes. If anything needs healing powers, it’s my career.

Happy Anniversary Mr. Sister Rain. Thanks for hanging in with me during this ridiculous job detour my life, and therefore yours, has taken. The good news is in another 19 years we’ll be retired. The two of us home everyday — that’s gonna need more than a chisel.

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