OG Pandora In A Wi-Fi World

I heard there is a new movie out about Pandora’s box this made me think about how we all have access to our own releasing of things we shouldn’t but do: the internet. There you can self-diagnose a paper cut as the first sign of a rare and incurable disease. You can find out the season finale cliffhanger that aired too late for you the night before that you intend to watch as soon as you get home from work. You are able to look up which team crossed the mat first in the last leg of The Amazing Race, revealed two months ago but you just began to binge-watch. If so inclined, reconnecting with old friends and classmates is a few clicks away and it’s not very difficult to cyber-stalk just about anyone through creative Googling. Does your family tree have a fork in it? Was your cousin actually your stepfather and your sister your aunt? It’s all there for discovery. Often just getting on www.-anything risks the chance you will see something you don’t want to; spoiler alerts are omnipresent and omnimaddening.

If you are going to open this particular box by opening your browser, you may find an infinite amount of those styrofoam peanuts inside. They are a mess to clean up and you never really erase all trace of them. If alive today, Pandora would no doubt warn us all via her YouTube channel, and Facebook, blog, Twitter and Instagram posts. After all, girlfriend’s got some mythology to promote!


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