Pain is weakness leaving the body.*
U.S. Marine Corps

Still dealing with a knee ligament tear and the pain continues to wear me down and . . . well, hurt. All info from my doctor and my medical degree (self awarded after internet research induced self diagnosis of any ache, pain, itch, bump, hangnail, twitchy eye, sudden blindness, congestive heart failure, toothache, gall bladder cancer, fractured ankle, trigger thumb, TMJ, tendonitis, knee dislocation, common cold, allergies, mammogram results, shingles, fibromyalgia, ingrown toenails, etc.) say it will be about a three-month recovery time. And, yes, I meant to say et cetera.

If this quote is to be believed, and who am I to question the USMC, then I am currently the strongest I have ever been.


* I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for all our military personnel; my mom’s father was a Marine in World War I. This quote means so much more than reflected in my silly post today — it speaks of the extreme emotional, mental and physical toll the members of our Armed Forces experience in ways we civilians could never understand. 

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