Outside The Bubble

Yesterday I was out in the world with my husband, aka The Birthday Boy. We had a good time, but I had two incidents as a result of my visual impairment.

First, we stopped for coffee at Wawa. For those of you not familiar with Wawa, I am sorry for you, but you can learn about it by clicking here. The Birthday Boy offered to help me with the self-serve coffee, but I assured him I could do it myself. I found the regular coffee because it was printed in very large font on the coffee urn, and I placed the cup and burn sleeve, which I had gotten on my own, under the tap. I have a problem with depth perception, and although I didn’t overflow it, the cup was so full not a milli-drip would have fit. Help, Birthday Boy!

The second occurrence was in a ladies room stall. I misjudged the door opening, and scratched and banged my arm on the door latch. I’ve got a bad scrape mark and a bruise will no doubt be arriving soon to an elbow near me.

It’d be easy to stay home where it’s safe and comfortable. Sometimes it’s tempting, but I won’t give into that temptation. I’m going back out there today. So what if I’ll be covered in bubble wrap?

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