Plucking On The Beach

I am at the beach on vacation for a few days. I was sitting in my beach chair today, enjoying the cool ocean on my feet and legs and watching the little ones experience the ocean for the first time. Then I experienced something for the first time myself!

A young woman wearing a bikini, in her early 20’s, sitting on a towel by herself, had a pair of tweezers and was plucking hairs from her inner thigh. She did it a few times to her left thigh, then moved on to her right. I had my sunglasses on but if I didn’t my bulging-out-of-my-head eyes would be a perfect compliment to my gaping mouth. Just when my mind caught up to my eyes, she then plucked some from her stomach!

I am all for good grooming and personal hygiene but, and call me old-fashioned, let’s limit it while on the beach to applying sunscreen and combing your hair. I guess it could be worse. Nail clippers? Razors? I suppose I should not give anybody any ideas . . .

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