Pour Vision

I have quite an amazing no-spill record in the almost four years of my vision loss, if I do say so myself. I remember early on I knocked a glass over but I also did that when I could see properly. I remember one job where my co-workers wouldn’t let me have drinks at my desk, even with lids.

Depth perception is a real issue for me and so pouring liquid into a container can be a challenge. I do have a Liquid Level Identifier that alarms when you’re getting close to the top but honestly most times I use my finger. Totally hygienic, don’t worry.

Yesterday while out to lunch I ordered an Angry Orchard hard cider, a favorite of mine, especially this time of year. It arrived at my table in its bottle with a cold glass and I proceeded to pour one into the other. My friend and I were deep in conversation, my non-pouring hand rested on my menu on the table. I felt a little spritz on that hand but kept pouring and at the same time I thought to investigate the spray, a woman at a nearby table said, “You’re missing your glass.” I immediately stopped pouring and grabbed my napkin while looking over at the lady who had alerted me and said, “I’m not drunk yet, just visually impaired”.

I eat at this place a lot and have been going there for almost 30 years so I knew the napkin stash was right behind me on some shelves so I grabbed a wad and my friend and I wiped the table and the floor. We were laughing because she hadn’t noticed what I was doing as we were focused on catching up with each other. I am pleased to report that half the cider did make it into the glass.

All cleaned up, we returned to our conversation. Soon our meals arrived and I had ordered a crab cake. I was surprised to see two on my plate as I get this a lot there and it’s always just the one. I stuck the crab cake on the left side of my plate with my fork and just as I realized it wasn’t breaking off my friend, knowing I don’t like tomatoes said, “That’s a tomato”.

in thinking about sharing this story with you, I struggled to articulate to myself how the visual mispour and misfork made me feel. sure I laughed, and that was genuine, but it also made me sad and both eyecidents stayed with me the rest of lunch, yesterday and today. Was it upsetting because when I’m with my closest friends I feel most like myself, the Sister Rain who could see properly? Was it also the fact that this restaurant is like home to me and a sacred place where my impairment does not exist? I don’t really know the answer but I do know me and I will no doubt continue to mull it over. As for my cider, no mulling needed there. Just a cold glass and a careful pour.


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