Random Acts Of Customer Service

Walmart is a black or white place. Before you call the NAACP, what I mean is that you either love Walmart or you hate it. My husband and I love the prices and do the bulk of our grocery shopping there each week. Never my favorite chore, since my vision loss we do it together, me pushing the cart and reading the list to him off my phone at each aisle.

Over the last few weeks, during this weekly excursion, I have been the recipient of random acts of kindness by strangers, proving once again that it’s less about the where than the who and the what. The first time, I was using the magnifier app on my phone to read a bottle of body wash when a woman asked if I needed help. The following Saturday, another woman told me there was a much more inexpensive brand of potato chips in another aisle and a few minutes later she tracked me down in a different section of the store and handed me a bag of the crisps. The weekend after, a Walmart associate went above and beyond to help me with an item I had ordered online that arrived not as advertised.

These type of gestures are, unfortunately, not the norm in the world in which we currently live. But, fortunately, they do happen, and like any rare and beautiful occurrence, there’s a little bit of magic in it. After all, it’s not everyday you’re witness to a pomegranite-smelling unicorn eating chips in aisle 6.


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