Remembering 9/11

While out running errands yesterday, my husband was telling me about the Texas mattress store whose online ad used mattresses to depict the Twin Towers on 9/11 and the severe backlash they received. I, personally, felt sick to my stomach upon hearing about it. He also relayed to me the story of the Walmart Coke display stacked like the Towers.

About 10 minutes later, riding along listening to football on the radio, I saw this:
The fact imageWith my limited vision, the outline of the two silos reminded me of World Trade Center and I wondered if relating these farm structures to the New York City site would be offensive to others. This country was, and still is, built in large part on growing crops and livestock.

Both this farm and my home are about two hours from New York City, definitely not what we know to be the “heartland”. But when my compromised eyes landed on those two tall storage towers standing  together, my heart did a little flip. For me, it was a beautiful sight on this day of remembra


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