Rowing Down The Turnpike

I am so sorry for not posting for a few days. I am still leery about posting from work and the nights have been filled with the stuff we can’t get done because we are at work.

This leads me to what I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I knew it would happen like this but it happened so quickly and so seamlessly I didn’t even realize it. What I’m talking about is being back in the 7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (that “9-5” myth is, like most myths, a bunch of hooey) grind as if I never left it.

I’m not exaggerating when I say those 3 years of being home and having time to accomplish things around the house and spend time with my Mom and cook good meals is barely in my consciousness. I so wanted and needed to find a job I kept telling myself that being unemployed (God how I hate that word) would be a blip on my life’s radar. As a matter of fact, I blogged about this very thing over a year ago. (Click HERE for that entry.)

Now I am part of the daily commute on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. I do wash and clean my house on the weekends. I plan our meals for the week based on things that are quick and easy and don’t require much cooking time. I pray for time to read a book. I watch Regis & Kelly at night on TiVo. In many ways, the 3 years spent at home feel like something I dreamt.

But it was real and I have the blog entries to prove it. Maybe someday, after I feel more settled and at home back in the work force, I’ll reread my old entries. For now, I’ll hate the alarm, wish for a quick work day and work week and not look back. Because when you’re looking back, isn’t it all really just a dream? That little ditty about boat rowing really was a life lesson. Who’da thought???

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