Salad And A Movie

My friend texted me that she had just come across a movie on TV with Derek Hough from Dancing With The Stars. We both watch Dancing, but I feel the need to report that we both watch sports, too.

I replied to her that I had just flipped through the channels myself, looking for a movie to have on in the background while I did some things. I went on to say that I have been hoping to find You’ve Got Mail on TV, because I have not seen it in awhile. I went on to ask her, rhetorically, how crazy is it to channel surf for the film when a mere foot below the TV, in the cabinet, is the DVD of the classic rom-com?

She then texted back that it’s so much better when you stumble upon them (the movies). I agreed and likened it to making a salad at home, which is never as good as when you get one out, which I now realize is a bit of a stretch as an analogy to the movie discussion, even though it’s true.

As for the Hough movie, my movie reviewer described it as “West Side Story with a happier ending. A bad but good cheesy movie!”

I’m going to stick with Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly.

And a take-out salad.

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