Sledding Into The Spirit Of The Season

This season is touted as the best part of each year, but in reality, it is extremely stressful. Of course we all know what this holiday is truly about but no one in my inner circle is immune and every one of us is on high alert and in survival mode. 
My mom-in-law made this for me, using my husband’s childhood sled. She surprised me with it last week. I can’t even explain how happy it has made me. Maybe it’s nostalgia – the thought of my husband as a little boy, zooming down a hill, cheeks red, laughing, no Seahawks logo on his jacket or hat because the team hadn’t joined the NFL yet. Maybe it’s because in this craziest of seasons, it required nothing of me. I didn’t have to do anything but squeal with glee like a little girl and hug her and thank her. 
Don’t get me wrong. My friends and family are very generous and being on the Nice List, I know Santa will visit in a few weeks. But these days leading up to his arrival, it’s like trying to stuff 50 lbs. of garland into a 5 lb. bag*. This sled is a reminder to me that even though the To Do List is long, doing things that make the people I love feel like this sled makes me is at the top of that list. And not just in December, but whenever I can. 
* My BFF uses this expression a lot, mostly on weekends, when two days is not enough for what needs to be done. Feel free to replace the word “garland” as you see fit for any holiday or occasion. 

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