Sometimes I Edit Myself

I usually spend one day a week writing this blog, fleshing our ideas I jot down as they come to me. When the day comes to post a particular draft, I read through it and often find myself making changes when I thought it was done and ready to go. It’s frustrating because I was happy with it, then I’m not.

As I made my 9th edit the other morning to a supposedly done deal, I thought about how we all edit our lives over and over again. What we were content with last week or last year doesn’t work for us anymore, so we delete or we add, we try something new and see how it feels.

My writing about my life is like my life: Always a work in progress. From the smallest of modifications to a complete overhaul, the purpose of each revision is an improvement. And if it turns out that it’s not, it’s okay. In life and in blogs, there is no limit on the numbers of edits you can make.


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