I have been going to the same hair stylist since I was 16. I got a hair cut today and when I went into the salon, my hair stylist asked me what was new with the job search. I gave her the quick update which wasn’t hard since there is no update.

Another girl shampooed my hair while my stylist finished with her customer before me. I had never seen this woman before but as she was laying me back into the sink she said, “I heard what you said so I realize this might not be relevant right now, but I’m an aesthetician here and if you ever want a facial or have any skin concerns I am here.”

I just got back from the New Jersey shore a few days ago and the weather was so nice I was able to go to the beach. One look at me and it’s clear I think SPF stands for Sun Per Foot. Don’t judge me, my Tanorexia is hereditary; my Mom is Tanorexic.*

Being unemployed has nothing to do with me not going to an aesthetician. DNA does.

* As much as I enjoy the sun, I don’t fake tan and find the orange Oompa Loompa look highly ridiculous. Rest assured in the coming winter months I will return to my natural pasty, Pennsylvania white.

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