Suits Of Armor

I just donated quite a few business suits to a wonderful organization called Wings For Success. They are located in Frazer, Pennsylvania, and as stated on their website, they “provide more than work-appropriate clothes to courageous and economically disadvantaged women. They help outfit them with confidence.” Click here for their website. One of the volunteers at the drive told me they serve about 800 women each year.

I am by no means a clothes horse but when I worked I always liked to look professional and feel good about what I was wearing. The suits I decided to part with travelled great distances from home with me and logged a lot of 17-hour days, mostly in the upright position. Although I could return to corporate meeting planning in some capacity, I am on a different path now. That chapter of my life is over, and yet there was more emotion in those jackets, pants and skirts then I expected. But knowing they would be going to the worthiest of causes and will serve other women well made the decision much easier. These women are fighting to better their lives for themselves and their families. Every warrior needs to be properly dressed and as they strive to put the past behind them and begin again, feeling strong, confident and hopeful.

I wish them all a lot of luck and encourage you to donate business attire to organizations like Wings For Success. None of our sisters should enter into battle without her armor. The horse is optional.


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