It Sure Beats The Alternative

Last Christmas my husband gave me wireless Beats headphones. When I lost my ability to read, I started listening to a lot of talk radio to fill the immense void left behind when reading books was no longer possible, Also, not so much anymore, but in the early days of losing my mom and vision, I would wake up at all hours during the night and my thoughts would instantly take a downward spiral so I would listen to talk radio to keep myself afloat.

I also listen to talk shows and music when I work out and before the wireless Beats, all sorts of I Love Lucy antics would occur with cords tangling and wrapping around me and the always hilarious iPhone on the table and me walking away tethered to the device. Thunk! Ouch!

This morning when I held down the power button on my Beats I found that the battery was dead and needed a charge. I dusted off my wired headphones and began my day and then my workout. It didn’t take long for all the comedy to ensue as I went about my morning tied to an object by a 3′ cord. I began to think about other things we are attached to that keep us from moving forward easily and unencumbered. When we are distracted by the negative emotions we accumulate in life and longing for the past, we constantly have to make sure it’s all packed up and ready to come with us before every step we take. It’s exhausting.

I realize that letting whatever is weighing us down is not easy. I see a therapist every other week to help me do just that. But I can tell you this: I feel light and focused when I’m not attached to a 4 1/2 ounce phone and from that I can imagine what it’s like to let the hard stuff go and be free.

Wireless headphones are great but a wireless life is the goal.


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