The Amazing Marriage

Binge watching the latest season of The Amazing Race with my husband, playing along, strategizing (who would eat the roasted cockroach? him, who would do the puzzles? mewho would bungee jump? him – I don’t like the recoil effect, who would dance? me), one thing is clear:

It’s amazing we ever got together.
Two more different people have never existed, there has been no greater ying and yang. If we ran the race the same way we carry out our everyday lives, there would be lots of yelling (me) and lots of crying (him and who could blame him?). 

However, the million dollars would be ours so long as my fast and shaky didn’t  undermine his slow and steady. Somehow we have managed to keep running this race called life together. We have gotten through a lot of challenges from him not turning the light out when he leaves a room and me hogging the covers, allegedly, to his heart condition and my vision loss.

Twenty-five years, two continents, fourteen countries.

Still opposites. Still racing. Still winning.

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