The Pearly Gates . . . Of Border’s???

When I was helping my friend organize her house, we went to the Container Store. I told her, and I was as serious as a heart attack, that this was my idea of Heaven. Rows and rows of hard bins, the smell of plastic in the air, BLISS!

I’m going to have to amend my interpretation of the perfect afterworld. Over the weekend I was in Border’s bookstore. I love, love, love to read and although I don’t purchase many books — I am a library girl through and through — I love to see what’s new and what’s quirky and basically just check everything out. One of my husband and my favorite things to do on the weekend is go to Border’s. We say goodbye at the door and eventually find each other later.

I needed a greeting card while we were there today so I headed to the card section. As I was walking with purpose in that direction, I noticed a display of books out of the corner of my eye and that was it for the card. I have heard people say they get distracted by something shiny, but my distraction comes from a pretty picture on the front of a book or a catchy, clever title calling out to me in a bold font.

I guess we all have our idea of Heaven. Luckily I don’t have to wait until I die to experience mine.

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