There Should Be A Laxative For Decisionitis

Are you indecisive or do you make up your mind quickly?

See what I did there? That was a question AND a little test. If you took some time to decide or instantly could identify which option is you, your actions may have spoken louder than your answer.

If you are indecisive do you wish you were more inclined to choose swiftly and vice versa if you are a lickety-split chooser? I am very decisive by nature and I think it has served me well. I don’t make rash conclusions but I speedily seem to know what I like and don’t like, what is right for me and/or the situation. Of course the world is not black and white, although my vision is, but most things (cue Irony for her cameo) seem pretty clear to me and I make my choice and rarely look back.

Having said that, I am struggling to make some decisions about the look of this blog. The back and forth going on in my head is bad enough but the fact that this is not how I typically operate adds another thick, gooey layer of annoyance and frustration. What is holding me up?, I keep wondering.

Indecision can be steeped in fear: what if I make the wrong move? Even with the subjective elements in life — art, books, music, clothing, food  — it may take us some time to figure out whether it’s a thumbs up or down. Maybe you’ve made up your mind but the work ahead to execute is too daunting and so you pick the easiest choice instead of the best. If we are tired or physically ailing, that can also effect our ability to decide between two or more things. There are also times where one decision is best for us but not for the others who will also experience its impact.

I’ve heard it said that to find out how you really think about your options, you should flip a coin. As gravity pulls it to the ground, in those nanoseconds before it lands, you will know what you are hoping the outcome will be. Why do you think we’ve all done two out of three or three out of five so often? Because the first heads or tails feels wrong and wrong.

It’s smart to take your time and review the consequences of the choices you make. But do not let yourself get stuck because making a decision seems too difficult. You owe it to yourself to figure it out. Sure, you may not make the right choice, only time will tell. But making none will ALWAYS be the worst decision of all.


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