This Is It

I am giving myself a little break today from the job search. What I mean is that I’m just checking a few sites, with the hope that tomorrow I can hit them all with some sense of renewal.

In the meantime, I am doing wash and undecorating my house from the holidays. Yes, I know it’s February 1st. My husband and I both like to leave our decorations up for awhile so that we can enjoy them after all the craziness of the season.

This weekend I watched “This Is It”, the Michael Jackson documentary. In my opinion, the man did not look like he was addicted to anything or needed anesthesia to sleep. He looked at the top of his game and out danced his backup dancers, all who were half his age! He sounded great and there was no doubt he was in charge of everything. The collaboration between him and his director, Kenny Ortega, was something to watch.

Talk about doing something that you love and excelling at it! Not only MJ, but his band, his crew and his backup singers and dancers. I feel really bad for all of them after seeing the time they put into rehearsing for the concert that will never happen. All their passion and talent just came roaring off the screen and I couldn’t help but think about being a part of something like that. One of the things I love about my profession is taking nothing and making it into something. I guess that’s what everyone does in their job though, isn’t it?

I wish I could express just how ready I am to get back out there myself. To use my talent and skills to create something. To do a little moon walking of my own . . .

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