‘Twas Two Weeks Before Christmas

‘Twas two weeks before Christmas, when all through my blog,
Not much was happening, the job search covered in fog;
The resumes were submitted with cover letters in tow,
In hopes that a job would arrive, way before snow;

The business suits and heels were all snug in the closets,
While our bank account was waiting for larger deposits;
And I was in the fetal position, my husband snoring away,
While I prayed for a job, which had been kept at bay;

When the next morning the phone, it rang with a clatter,
I ran to it expecting a friend wanting to chatter;
When, rushing to get it, dropping what I was doing,
There was the phone number of a company I was pursuing;

With the area code and number, recognizable and bright,
I knew that the job search end might be in sight;
So an offer was received, both verbally and in writing,
With the salary and benefits, oh what a sighting!

I sprang to my blog, to give my readers the news,
And away they all read, like any friends you would choose;
And they heard me exclaim as they scrolled with the mouse knob,

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