My company is generous in that if you work on a weekend, you get to take a day off. Today I am off on my very first “Rest Day”. Of course, though, if you’re a woman, a day of rest is something mystical, like a unicorn. You may have thought you’ve seen one in the past but you’re not really sure and if you were asked to describe it in detail you wouldn’t be able to.

Ironic that you would have to work at making sure you rest on a Rest Day but I do. I have not turned on my work Blackberry or my laptop. I did clean out some closets in preparation of the Purple Heart coming this week and I’ve done a few small things around the house. But I slept in and plan to read this afternoon. If a nap comes a-callin’, I won’t turn it away.

Look at me, learning how to rest. Could a unicorn spotting be far behind?

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