Up Close and Personal

Yesterday I dropped of my resume at a local company who has a position open I am interested in. Ever careful to follow the rules, I applied online first but figured it couldn’t hurt to drop by in person.

You must realize that I am a ponytail and baseball cap (Go Phillies!) kind of girl when I am not working. But I got a little gussied up, just in case, and made the 5-minute drive to this company.

I went into the building and there was a sign at the inside lobby window indicating all visitors should go into the adjoining conference room, look at the company directory next to the conference room phone and call the appropriate person.

There was no listing for Human Resources; this is a small-sized organization. There were a few people listed under ‘Marketing’, where the open position falls, but that seemed strange to call one of those folks. So, I chose ‘General Assistance’ and the first person I tried resulted in an odd tone. I tried again and got the same tone.

I tried the second and final ‘General Assistance’ name and a woman answered. I explained that I wanted to drop off my resume for a Marketing position that is open within the company. She asked if I wanted to speak with someone. In retrospect perhaps I should have said yes but I said no, that I live in the area and thought I’d bring my resume in in person. She was very nice but instructed me to leave my information by the front desk window.

Who knows where the resume will land. I feel right now as it was a waste of time, make-up and hair products.

I hope I’m proven wrong.

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