Vroom Vroom

Seventeen years after the movie You’ve Got Mail opened in movie theaters, I still love the sound of a new text message arriving on my phone. On days when I have no plans, it is totally usual not to talk to another person until my husband returns home in the evening.

My current text tone is that of a motorcycle, and sometimes it can sound like the outside of a biker bar here when texts come in together. And having always wanted a bike, as in motorcycle and not as in that torture device of a stationary bike that I ride, I not only feel like the free spirit I always longed to be, but I also get to chat with my peeps. And by using the word “peeps”, I have proven yet again that until they give motorcycle licenses to visually-challenged dorks with a tattoo of a heart with the word “peeps” inside it, my text tone will have to do.

(cue music)

Get your iPhone runnin’
On the information highway
Looking for my peeps’ news 
In texts that come my way


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