Warning! This Post Is Pastorized

Always looking for insight into how people both think about and cope with tragedy, I asked a friend with a wonderful pastor what this minister has to say about bad things happening to good people.

Without hesitation, my friend said that Pastor D believes that no matter what a person must walk through in this life, faith will sustain them. That the faith a person has that one day they will see their loved ones again and that those who have passed are happy will help you to live the rest of your days on Earth without them. That faith in The Lord will get you through all of life’s challenges.

This is obviously not a new concept to me but the simple yet certain way in which he communicated his unshakable belief, through my friend, was especially comforting. I have met her pastor several times, and he is more of an everyman than any other clergy I have known. He could be you or me and so, too, his faith.

This blog is not a religious forum but it is a place where I document my life, including trying to figure said life out. Remaining neutral, I will say this: to believe in something, in such a steadfast way, and to rely on it to get you through when times get tough, is something we all need and all should have.

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