When Bad Technology Happens To Good Geeks

Sunny, dry day in Pennsylvania after a week of clouds and rain. No work today — at least none that I have to drive to. Today is filled with wash and trying to put my house back together after a week of living in it. And fixing things that aren’t working, including technology.

This week I have been unable to synch my Palm (hey at least it’s not a Daytimer) and been unsuccessful in troubleshooting the problem. While trying to work this out, I discovered my Phillies Weather Channel desktop isn’t working either. While trying to solve both these issues, the batteries in my wireless mouse died, after I just replaced them earlier this week.

I love me some technology. As a matter of fact, family and friends make fun of me for it. But really, when you think about it, like all things that you love, it can also hurt you the most. It can disappoint you and make you want no parts of it, at least for awhile.

But I can’t live without it and I know that most days, it will be there for me.

If loving my technology is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

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