When Only The F Word Will Do

As we pulled into the Philadelphia parking garage for some testing at Wills Eye Hospital, the old familiar anxiousness surged through ever fiber of my being. There was no reason for it, the feeling, there would be no results, scary or otherwise, we were on a fact-finding mission. Yet I could not control the emotions churning inside me. I told my husband of my reaction to our arrival and it was no surprise to either of us. It is the same every time we make the turn into the garage.

 “It will be fine”, he said, his usual mantra whenever I get stressed. “I know, but I can’t get a grip”, I replied. “It’s no wonder, with everything that’s happened”, he offered. So much has occurred over the last seven years, I had to ask, “What do you mean?”

“You know, the whole going blind fiasco.”

I burst out laughing. He calls it like he sees it which is especially helpful when you’re his visually impaired wife.


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