Last night we watched a show about Benjamin Franklin and his inventions. I’m sort of a history geek, especially when it comes to our country’s beginnings and the role that Pennsylvania and Philadelphia played in it.

Ben’s (yes I feel as though I can call him “Ben”) contributions to the world are amazing; he was so diverse in his interests! So many things we use on a daily basis are due to his insatiable mind. He had a vision that far exceeded the world he lived in both geographically and metaphorically. He could see beyond what he could literally see.

His inventions include: swimming fins, bifocals, the odometer, the Franklin stove, the flexible catheter (thanks I think) and the glass harmonica.

He created the library, the fire department, Daylight Savings Time, fire insurance, the public hospital, political cartoons and street cleaning.

And, in his spare time, he kind of created this country with a little help from his friends Tom and John.

He was also a writer, a diplomat, a businessman, a musician, scientist, politician, printer, philosopher and statesman.

During the show, they stated that in those days the word “gentleman” was defined as a man of means who did not have to work. I can’t help but wonder, in my shoes:

What would Ben do?

And honestly, I don’t know. But one of his quotes is “Energy and persistence conquer all things.” Both apply to my job search so I am counting on this to be true!

One more thing. Yes, I really do have a Benjamin Franklin Action Figure. (THANK YOU J!) And I do believe he could kick G.I. Joe and Ken’s butt!

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