You Just Might Find, You Get What You Need

I arrived home around 8:30 tonight feeling worn out, abused and beat up. I did my unpacking and then went to the refrigerator to see what I could find to eat.

And there, amidst the condiments, amidst the fruits and vegetables and milk and water, was a Tupperware cake carrier. There was pleasure in a hard plastic round container.

My husband works with a lady named Carol and whenever there is a birthday in the office she bakes her unbelievable delicious chocolate layer cake. It is moist, it is chocolatey, it is pure bliss. It is by far the most amazing chocolate creation I have ever tasted and there it was, like a gift from the Heavens, in my refrigerator after a long week on the road.

The universe or the Man upstairs, whatever you believe, made a chocolate pleasure-filled delivery to my refrigerator.

Sometimes you really do get what you need Mick Jagger.

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