You’re Only A Day Away

Another day Friends and I was about to say I’m no closer to getting out of my awful job but I guess that isn’t true. Each new day brings new possibility.

Today I made contact with a Human Resources person at a company that has an opening that has “Sister Rain” written all over it. I left a voice mail for her this morning, after calling the main number and asking to speak to someone about the position. I followed up this afternoon with my resume and cover letter. At the end of the business day I got an email back from her saying she’ll give me a call tomorrow.

Three years ago my life changed on a dime with the closing of my company.

Three months ago my life changed on a dime when I finally accepted a job after waiting so long.

Three months ago my life changed on a dime when I realized on Day 1 this new job was a MISTAKE.

I’ll put my sneakers on tomorrow and be ready to pivot in a new direction.

I’ll stick up my chin, and grin too.

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