1,000 Visitors Served

My blog reached 1,000 visitors today. It’s quite a milestone for not only me but my job search. I started this blog in January and since then I’ve struggled through my unemployment, a new job that was terribly, terribly wrong, unemployment again — this time on my own terms but not easier, probably worse because it was my own doing — and finally a job offer and a new job that will begin in two days.

Once again, I find myself at a fork in the road with my blog. I love to write and I’ve found that I need to write, for my sanity and for my enjoyment.

So I’m not going anywhere. I hope you all continue to visit this blog as I enter a new phase of my job search. Because really, I’ll never stop looking for the right job, even if I’m in it.

Thank you 1,000 visitors. I don’t consider you visitors, but friends. Dear friends.

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