My Girl Scout Leader Would Be Ashamed

Here it is, the Eve before I start my new job. I’ve been saying since I got the offer that I needed to go through my winter work clothes (because it’s been freezing here already oh joy) to see what fits and what I can still wear and now it’s the night before and I’m scrambling. I found a few things and since that will get me through the next few days, I’m setting it aside again. What is wrong with me?

Also, I got a new passport when I worked in the summer for that other company and I need it tomorrow for my new hire paperwork and I can’t find it. Let me explain to you, I can tell you where just about everything my husband and I own (except for his “man stuff”) is in this house and the passport was not in its file. I looked through my files from my old job, I looked everywhere. Finally I looked in the “Jewelry” file which is right before my “Legal” file in my filing cabinet. Again, why am I doing this the night before the big day?

I was a Girl Scout and a mighty good one if I do say myself. I still have my sash (it’s in the attic in the bin marked “Sister Rain’s Childhood”) which is full of badges and I remember giving lots of speeches while I was involved in the organization. And even though it’s the Boy Scout’s Motto, you would think the day I have waited for for three years would not be coming as such as a surprise.

Apparently this former Girl Scout’s Motto is:
“Holy crap! I start a new job tomorrow!”

Now that they know where to find it, they make take away my sash!

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