Never Forget Where You’ve Come From (As If Life Would Let You)

My new company pays us on the very last working day of every month. Yes, we get paid once a month.

After not receiving any consistent, large income for some time, it was wonderful to finally get paid for the 12 days in December that I worked a few weeks ago (there was a glitch so I didn’t get my Dec pay until January) but today, hold my hand readers, I received my pay for the month of January!!! It was a surprise because we weren’t supposed to get paid until Monday, the 31st.

I promptly texted my husband who replied:

“They pay you for being a meeting planner”

You will first notice that this is, apparently, a question yet there is no question mark. You will then notice his feeble attempt at being funny on what is a joyous day.

As I looked over my pay check direct deposit stub (I like calling it a “stub” from days gone by), checking out all the dollar signs and numbers, my eyes lighting up like a child on Christmas morn (I love the word “morn” too) something stuck out like a sore thumb. You’ll see above.

Ironic isn’t it?

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Winter Extension

Winter continues to make himself known (Winter has to be a man with all the aggravation it causes) here in Pennsylvania. I woke up to a surprise of a few inches of snow on the ground and it still coming down. I got ready and headed to work, taking it slow like everyone else. My 45-minute commute turned into 2 hours and I wasn’t even halfway to the office. I let my manager know this and she told me to turn around and work from home. It took me another 2 hours to get back home.

I came home, changed into my sweats and went to set up my “home office” for the day. I needed an extension cord to plug the laptop in so I could work at my coffee table and I went to the extension cord bag that we keep in our basement landing.

First of all, this is my husband’s domain. Let me make that perfectly clear. The cords were all thrown in the bag all willy-nilly and I kept pulling them out and they were all attached to each other. It was a mess. None of the cords I managed to get out and detangle had the blasted third prong hole that I needed for my laptop power cord.

With extension cords from the kitchen into the living room, I made that frustrated call to my husband who informed me there was a cord that I needed in that bag. In case he’s reading this now, this is what he’s going to find on our kitchen floor when he gets home.

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Sometimes Strength Comes To Us In The Strangest Ways

I did have a Ouija Board when I was a kid but it held no more weight for me than Monopoly or Kerplunk which were also stacked in my toy chest. As I’ve mentioned before, I get my horror-scope delivered via text message every morning at 7:00 a.m.

As is probably the usual reaction to a horoscope, if it’s a good one I put stock in it. When it’s not, I delete it and forget it. When I don’t get one, which happens from time to time, I watch for ladders and black cats and mirrors that I can break.

As I told you in yesterday’s blog entry, I’ve been having some confidence issues, not at all my style, on the new job.

Yesterday’s Horoscope:
You’re reliable, hard working and trustworthy. No wonder everyone wants you on their team!

Today’s Horoscope:
Overseeing a project gives you a divine sense of purpose. You will get the work done properly.

Given what’s going on with me, these are keepers. Maybe it’s time dust off the Ouija Board . . .

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That’ll Be Two Large Coffees To Go Please

During the 3 years I was searching for a job, I never lost my confidence. Honestly, it never waivered. Without sounding too terrible, I believe that I am very good at what I do and have a lot to offer. I never could understand when I wouldn’t get a job after interviewing because I really felt that I could do so much for a company. I promise you I didn’t wear that confidence like my business suit on an interview, but I wore it underneath, like a belt or knee highs.

Now, I have never felt so shaken in my faith in my abilities in my life! It’s as if I went from the pinnacle of my career at the job I had before we all lost our jobs when our company closed to feeling like a dummy 3 years later in my new job.

Several of my new co-workers aren’t helping the situation but at the end of the day if you don’t believe in yourself who will? I am working hard at not letting my worry show but I really find myself wondering if I can do this job. To have it in my head let alone put it in writing is so not me and oh-so-scary in itself.

I thought when I finally got a job things would all fall into place. Our money worries would be on the way to over and the fact that I was able to land a job in my field — which was my priority all along — was a cause for celebration and gratefulness.

Never did I think I’d feel so uncomfortable and so unsure. I have my health and friends and family who love me but it is nothing short of amazing how this job loss that I endured still continues to chip away at my heart and soul. I have to be the Sister Rain who never doubted herself during the job search and take her to the office with me tomorrow. Maybe I can even get her to buy me coffee.

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Very Important Tip For Job Searchers

When writing your thank you letter after an interview, I would suggest you do NOT assure your potential future employer that you could “hit the ground running”.

If you decide to use this verbiage despite my advice, after a few days of reading SOPs and filling out paperwork, if you’re lucky, wear your sneakers. You’re going to need them.

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My Bad

Dear Fellow Allentown/Philadelphia Residents:

I am writing to apologize for a grave disservice I have unwittingly committed against you. On December 16th, 2010, I returned to the work force after three years of doing the job search full time.

Since December 16th, we’ve had snow and ice. My new employer has closed once due to weather, we’ve had two late openings and one day I worked from home because I couldn’t get to my car because of ice.

My commute is 22 miles one way, so the day I signed the offer letter was the day I sealed all our weather fates.

We usually can blame a bad winter on Mother Nature but this winter you can curse Sister Rain. Perhaps I should change my name to Sister Blizzard?

With kind regards and lots of begging for forgiveness,
You Can Call Me Whatever You’d Like And I’m Sure That You Are

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We Just Pulled The String A Little Tighter Back In My Day

The job isn’t the only thing new for me these days. At the office, the copier, the printer, the laptop and don’t get me started on the phones! We are a small (but mighty) company and our receptionist left last Friday to have a baby (how dare she!).

What this means is that we all take turns answering the phones and transferring the calls to where they need to go. I can’t tell you what a nervous wreck I was each time the phone rang today. I knew it was “my turn” to answer at some point and each time a call came in I could have pooped myself. OK, I may be exaggerating but there were some heart palpitations and that’s no lie.

The good news for me is this. Even though I’m the new kid on the block I’m also the oldest, so my reflexes aren’t what they used to be. So each time the phone rang, someone beat me to it. I’ve been feeling my age working with all these youngsters, but today my age worked to my advantage. First time, but hopefully not the last.

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They Grow Up So Fast

One year ago today I started this blog in a therapeutic effort to blow off steam as a result of my then 2 1/2 year job search.

365 days, 1,055 visitors from 4 countries, 257 entries, 82 jobs applied for, 2 “You’re Hired!” and 1 resignation later:

Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday To You,
Happy Birthday Dear Blog,
Happy Birthday To You!!!

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