Pain is weakness leaving the body.*
U.S. Marine Corps

Still dealing with a knee ligament tear and the pain continues to wear me down and . . . well, hurt. All info from my doctor and my medical degree (self awarded after internet research induced self diagnosis of any ache, pain, itch, bump, hangnail, twitchy eye, sudden blindness, congestive heart failure, toothache, gall bladder cancer, fractured ankle, trigger thumb, TMJ, tendonitis, knee dislocation, common cold, allergies, mammogram results, shingles, fibromyalgia, ingrown toenails, etc.) say it will be about a three-month recovery time. And, yes, I meant to say et cetera.

If this quote is to be believed, and who am I to question the USMC, then I am currently the strongest I have ever been.


* I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for all our military personnel; my mom’s father was a Marine in World War I. This quote means so much more than reflected in my silly post today — it speaks of the extreme emotional, mental and physical toll the members of our Armed Forces experience in ways we civilians could never understand. 
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This One Takes The Cake

Setting: Saturday morning breakfast with a group my husband belongs to. Spouses included.
The conversation was lively. Seated next to me was a couple new to the club and they were understandably quiet, but still engaged in the chatter and laughter. About an hour in, the wife turns to me:
Woman: “What do you do?”
Me:  I briefly explain my vision situation
Woman:  “Are you going to get a (seeing eye) dog?”

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Not Quite Back In The Saddle Again

With my mom’s illness in 2012 which resulted in her death, followed by my vision loss a few months later, then my husband’s cardiac crisis after that and next my father-in-law’s sudden passing, I’ve let some things go as far as my health checks but am finally getting everything poked and prodded and caught up.

I try to be careful on this blog about language and subject matter but today we are going there. And by “there” I mean Ladyville.

I had an appointment scheduled today for a Ladyville exam but had to cancel. I have been having problems with my knee and last week found out that I have an MCL tear and it’s going to take up to three months to heal. It’s swollen and painful and really, really angry. And because of this there is no possible way I can get into position for said assessment. How do I know this, you ask? Well, I tried it out last night on my bed before changing into my pj’s. Lucky for you, you don’t know what I look like and, therefore, you can picture a woman of your choice if you dare to imagine it at all. As I write this even I am picturing Kate Middleton. What? She is a mother of two and even royalty goes to Ladyville.

And there you have it: another installment of Sister Rain: TMI. 

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‘Twas The Middle Of The Night

Twas the middle of the night
And nothing could be heard 
We all were deeply snoozing
My husband, me and the bird. 
The clock on the nightstand 
Showed just before three 
When the silence was shattered
What could it be?
I awoke right away 
My heart pounding in fear
My husband sat up 
But he wasn’t quite near. 
It took me a minute 
No less and no more
To realize that I 
Was now on the floor. 
“Are you okay? You okay?”
Over and over he said
That’s when I realized 
I had fallen out of bed!
I assured my poor spouse
That I was just fine
Then climbed back in bed
To the spot that is mine.
We fell back to sleep
Both neither worse for wear
But I felt really bad
For giving him a scare.
This morning all is well
Thanks for listening to my tale
I’m now going to search Amazon
For an adult-sized bed rail! 
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A Tony Award Winner And A Greek Philosopher Walk Into A Blog

I recently heard someone say they need time in their head and they aren’t sure that would be possible if they were a parent. Never having had children, I can’t be sure, but I’m thinking if you want kids you have them and like all else in life you figure it out as you go. But that’s not the part of what they said that interested me.

I immediately thought: I’m like that too — I am always in my head! I also could identify right away that I am there too much. Someone who isn’t in their noggin a lot probably wouldn’t have a blog about their life. And then: Someone not in their cranium very often may have handled vision loss better than I.

I analyze EVERYTHING. Then when I’m done, I scrutinize once again. It served me well when I was working in corporate America but maybe not so much in my current situation. Taking things with a grain of salt isn’t easy when you want to know the amount of granules and their individual sizes and where they came from and did they have a family.

Gosh, that sounds exhausting. No wonder I’m always tired.

I have always envied people who don’t over-think everything and I have imagined how different my life would be if “dancing through life” was my modus operandi. It sure seems as though things would be so much less difficult. But Socrates said the unexamined life is not worth living and my gut and not my head (for a change) is telling me he’s right.

In that last paragraph I referenced the Broadway musical Wicked and Socrates. That can only happens as a result of a good amount of contemplation which proves my point.

I’d like to think I could change and learn to ease up on all the deliberating but in order for that to happen, I’d have to mull it over. Just like Ancient Greece theater in Socrates’ day, this is both a comedy and a tragedy.

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