Déjà Poo

When you create an online blog, you are asked in your Setup if the blog will contain “Adult Content”. If you choose “Yes”, viewers of your blog will see a warning message and will be asked to confirm that they want to proceed to your blog.

I chose “No” when I set up my blog, so I am ever mindful of what I say here. I am hoping that the use of the word “Poo” in today’s post title does not offend. There was just no other way to say it.

You see, I keep coming across the same positions at the same companies, yet months apart. For example, I applied for a position at a company in February of this year. I never heard anything back and the job disappeared from all job boards.

Today, however, that job is re-posted — with today’s date as the post date. I am completely qualified for the position, I swear to you I am. So I will apply again.

I can’t tell you how tempted I am, when this happens, and I see it more often than you’d think, to start my cover letter by saying I had applied for the job several months ago and if you had hired me then you wouldn’t be re-posting it. This may seem completely inappropriate and unprofessional, but what, really, do I have to lose? My dignity, confidence and politeness have all taken a beating through this process.

I’m gonna do it. And in ALL CAPS. Maybe in red font. With yellow highlights.

Yet another element of this job search that is really is a crock of . . .

Now do you get the “poo” part???

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