Hermana Y Hermana

I have a birthday coming up this week. I tried to cancel it, due to lack of interest, but apparently I’m the only one who isn’t interested.

I had dinner with one of my oldest (meaning longest) and closest friends tonight. I don’t even think of her as my friend but as my sister. So Sis took me to my favorite restaurant, PF Chang’s. We had a great time, as always, catching up in person. It’s always a treat to be face-to-face even though we chat every day by email, text or the old-fashioned phone.

We have been close for 15 years. We’ve seen each other through graduations, divorce, deaths, weddings, job troubles, injuries, surgeries, unemployment . . . life.

Sis gave me a beautiful card and in the card she wrote that she hoped the year ahead is wonderful to me.

It’s easy to forget that as you go through things, it’s not just you wanting the best for yourself. There are people who love you and support you and want you to be happy.

Sis is one of those people. Actually, she’s up there at the top of the list.

Life is crazy and busy for all of us and we’ve all got our own “stuff” but true friends carry your struggles as well as their own. Tonight I was reminded that I will get through this job search struggle because every time I sign a cover letter with my resume attached, I could sign the names of those pulling for me. With “J”‘s name right underneath mine. I love you Sis.

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