I am not fanatical about it, but I do enjoy reading my horoscope. I have gotten my daily horoscope delivered by text message to my phone at 7:00 AM every day for years. I don’t put much stock in them unless they’re good news of course.

I also like to cut out of the paper my horoscope for the year on my birthday. I keep it in my Palm all year and look at it from time to time. I don’t think it’s every been right but there is always the thought that someone knows something I don’t know so why not try to find out?

Last Friday was my birthday and here is what my horoscope for the coming year is:

This year, you open up to new ideas, new friends and a very different lifestyle. Those who are content might want to revitalize their existing commitments, and not take them for granted. You have get-up-and-go with personal issues.

Usually I can somehow tweak the horoscope in such a way that it correlates to my life. Not this time. I have no idea how this relates to me. It speaks to “those who are content” and I am not content nor have I ever been. What could this possibly mean?

Only 358 more days to wait for it to all make sense. Maybe the new idea I’m supposed to open up to is patience . . .

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