I’m Feeling Sick Tomorrow

Like quite a few people that I know, I am fighting a summer cold, thought by many to be the worst cold of them all.

I had plans with my mom-in-law to meet my husband for lunch and then she and I would do a little shopping.

I had texted her a heads up last night that I wasn’t feeling right, and we agreed I would let her know how I was doing this morning.

I woke up around 6 a.m. and knew I wasn’t well. I texted her to let her know, and as I did I flashed back to calling in sick when I worked.

“I’m not feeling well and won’t be in today.”
The difference now is that I was really disappointed to have to cancel our plans and, of course. I don’t think of my mom-in-law as my boss. Come on now. I’m 50 for goodness sake! A grown woman!
Ok, maybe she’s kind of my boss. 
Better her than her son. 

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