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When I write my blog, I sometimes pause before I type “visually challenged” or “visually impaired”. I have also heard “visually different”. I don’t know what the correct terminology is, so I use the phrase that’s in my heart at that moment.

This morning, I have identified two new terms.

I was having breakfast with my dear friend and breakfast buddy this morning, before she went to work. I had a few minutes to get something done off the To Do List before she picked me up at 7 a.m. I went to scan an old picture to a flash drive using our all-in-one, but I couldn’t find the USB port. I felt around, then used the magnifier app on my phone to try to see it. I found the trap door, but there was only SD card slots in there. I finally saw what looked like a USB port, but the flash drive didn’t fit. I restrained myself from forcing it into the hole. I couldn’t see the model of the all-in-one, so I pretended I was going to print an email from my phone, and selected my printer and then did a screen shot so I could enlarge it to see the model number of the all-in-one. New term:  visually creative. 

I then went down to the kitchen to make my sleeping husband coffee in his travel mug. Preoccupied with the scanning issue, and annoyed already at this early hour, I didn’t realize I had left the lid on the travel mug until I heard the Keurig stop dripping and I went to get the mug. By some great providence, the lid hole was open, and all the coffee went into the mug.

This is all before 6:30 a.m.  New term:  visually frustrated. 

I sent my husband several texts for when he woke up, asking him to please look at the all-in-one and locate the USB port for me. He texted me back while I was at breakfast, saying I had correctly identified the USB slot, but for sone reason, the flash drive I was using was too big.

I am hone now after breakfast, and I found a different flash drive. Using my portable magnifier, by holding it up to the all-in-one little screen, I attempted to scan to the flash drive.

Was I successful? Honestly, I had to take a break from it. The next step will require that I check the flash drive via the laptop, and that will no doubt require more creativity and yield more frustration.

And maybe another new term.

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