It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s Sister Rain

What is the thing that you do to an intense level? Whatever it is, I’ll bet your friends and family tease you about it. In my case, my passion for organization and my ability to remember an apparently unusual amount of the last 30 years are the cause of the people in my life’s eye rolls, head shakes and straight-out name calling:

“You’re weird”
“You’re not right”
“Come on!”

Truth be told, you probably have had moments of thinking the same thing about yourself. There are also times when you can’t understand why everyone else isn’t just like you. Why doesn’t my husband remember meeting country singer Collin Raye’s roadies in Washington, DC in the Hard Rock gift shop in 1995? And why don’t my friends alphabetize their CDs and have a spreadsheet listing them all by artist and genre? But the variables that can make up a person are staggering, and wherever you are on any given trait’s sliding scale will most likely differ greatly from others with whom you share your life

If given the chance to decide which mortal ability you would want to excel at, it could be difficult to choose. It’s like the question you’ve probably been asked: X-ray vision, invisibility, the ability to fly? But I do know this, my memory and organizational skills have served me well since my vision loss, enabling me to find things in my darkened world. Maybe, just like superheroes, we get the superpowers we need.


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