Puzzled By Faith

My in-laws were best friends with another couple, Mr. and Mrs. M, raising their families together and traveling as a foursome once their children were grown. My father-in-law died suddenly a few years ago, and last week Mrs. M passed away after a lengthy illness. Although they are both in deep mourning, of course, my mother-in-law and Mr. M have a strong faith and both believe definitively they will see her husband and his wife again.

As I thought about their conviction, a picture of two puzzles pieces fitted together came to mind. Where once there was one, my father-in-law, now there are two. And here on earth are their connecting pieces, the other half of the whole. I don’t know what you believe, but you have to admit this a beautiful thought . . . brought to you by faith. Like a puzzle in progress on your dining room table, it’s kind of hard to resist.




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